What Series Would You Pick?

You’re already coming back to church in January, right?! What series would you pick for January 2024 @Chester FBC? Vote below!

Endgame Chronicles: Decoding End Times In Today’s Headlines – This series will deal with end times (eschatology) and the possible prophetic implications of The current war in Gaza/ Israel, conflict with Russia, China, Iran, financial markets, internal & external struggles, UAP/UFO, rise of one world religion, leader. The Antichrist.)

Faith Unfiltered: A Contemporary Guide to a Biblical Worldview – This series will help believers know how to develop a Christ-Centered, Biblical worldview. The building blocks of what a worldview is, how it develops, and what it means for the Christian. We’ll learn how to put these concepts into our thought lives, beliefs, morality,
values, character, and relationships.

God’s Remix: Remastering Classics From Our Broken Melodies – This series will profile several personalities with shocking pasts that God used to tell His story. Some of these characters are Moses, Rahab, Peter, Sampson, Esther, Jacob, and Jonah. Our past failures and mistakes do not have to stop us from moving forward with
God. A broken person who has learned dependence on God is a force to be reckoned
with. Learn how with this series.