Connect Groups

Your faith journey was never intended to be a solo mission. Helping people grow in their faith is one the reasons God set up this Community Church in 1937. CONNECT GROUPS are where you learn more about God, His Word, and each other.

The CONNECT GROUP comes together at CFBC at 6:00 PM on Wednesday nights*. Join others on the same faith journey as you, while making lasting and meaningful relationships with other people.

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I have questions about Connect Groups. Who can I ask for help?

Pastor Mike & Pam Fogerson, CFBC Pastoral Team
Cell: 618.615.2933 or 618.615.6722

We have a meal every Wednesday from 5-6pm before our connect group class. Anyone is welcome to join us for the meal and class.

About the Upcoming 5 Week Study

In 3:16, pastor and New York Times bestselling author Max Lucado encourages us to study closely the “Hope Diamond of the Bible”: John 3:16.

Max says of his favorite verse, “Every time I recall these words, they are fresh and as stunning as my first encounter with them. The mind-bending awareness of God’s limitless love, his incalculable sacrifice, and the priceless teaching at the core. How can we not review it again and again? I want this generation, and all who come after, to look closely at the key promise of God and choose the gift beyond all gifts.”

Come hear how the most famous verse in the Bible can apply directly to YOU! This discussion will be led by Bro. Don Berry and the lovely Suzanne Spindler on Wednesday nights at 6pm. There will be a FREE meal provided on Wednesday’s from 5pm-6pm. Get your books below!!!

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What is Recommended FOR THE 5-WEEK STUDY

Our next Connect Group is:
Lucado’s 3:16

This class starts on November 2nd @6pm. Join us then!

1st session: November 2nd at 6pm (Meal 5pm)

2nd session: November 9 at 6pm (Meal 5pm)

3rd session: November 16th at 6pm (Meal 5pm)

4th session: November 23 at 6pm (Meal 5pm)

5th session: November 30 at 6pm (Meal 5pm)

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