Connect Groups

Your faith journey was never intended to be a solo mission. Helping people grow in their faith is one the reasons God set up this Community Church in 1937. CONNECT GROUPS are where you learn more about God, His Word, and each other.

The CONNECT GROUP comes together at CFBC at 6:00 PM on Wednesday nights*. Join others on the same faith journey as you, while making lasting and meaningful relationships with other people.

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I have questions about Connect Groups. Who can I ask for help?

Pastor Mike & Pam Fogerson, CFBC Pastoral Team
Cell: 618.615.2933 or 618.615.6722

We have a meal every Wednesday from 5-6pm before our connect group class. Anyone is welcome to join us for the meal and class.

About the Upcoming Study

On Wednesday, July 6th.

This 5-week training will empower Christians to turn dozens of everyday conversations into gospel conversations.  The study starts on Wednesday July 13th @ 6PM and we’ll have a meal before the small group from 5pm-6pm.

A 6 Week-Session Study by Jeremiah Johnston

Evil is no illusion. While it can certainly reside in the hearts of people, such evil is most clearly seen in the one who seeks to inspire it: Satan. Whenever we engage in spiritual battle, whether our struggle is with demons, the paranormal, or fear, we need to pray and express our faith in the One with all the power. Only prayer moves us from relying on our own strengths (which are actually weaknesses) and trusting the all-powerful God. He provides us with spiritual armor and a battle plan because He desires to set us free. (6 sessions)

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Our next connect group is:
The Darkside

This class starts on July 13th @6pm. Join us then!

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