Connect Groups

Your faith journey was never intended to be a solo mission. Helping people grow in their faith is one the reasons God set up this Community Church in 1937. CONNECT GROUPS are where you learn more about God, His Word, and each other.

The CONNECT GROUP comes together at CFBC at 6:00 PM on Wednesday nights*. Join others on the same faith journey as you, while making lasting and meaningful relationships with other people. Get directions to the discussion HERE! (Click Here)

I have questions about Connect Groups. Who can I ask for help?

Pastor Mike & Pam Fogerson, CFBC Pastoral Team
Cell: 618.615.2933 or 618.615.6722

Upcoming Connect Group: “The Case For Heaven (and Hell)”

Is there convincing evidence for eternal life after death? If so, what will our experience be like? What will it be like to see God face to face?

In this five-session video study (streaming included), Lee Strobel–journalist and award-winning author of The Case for Christ–turns his talent for investigation on the biblical and logical case for an afterlife.

The reality of death shapes our lives and faith. Most of us fear it or try not to think about it, regardless of whether we believe in eternal life or not. Lee–whose rigorous faith has been shaped by his past as an atheist–first considers his old unbelief: that we have only one life and when we die, we cease to exist. What evidence is there to suggest otherwise?

Based on his interviews with leading Christian philosophers, scientists, and theologians; Strobel unfolds the strongest arguments for belief in heaven, hell, and a glimpse into what these places will be like.

Along the way, he explores common topics related to immortality; such as angels, Satan and demons, the reincarnation of the body, and doctrines like salvation through Christ alone.

This study guide has everything you need for a full Bible study experience, including:

  • The study guide itself–with discussion and reflection questions, video notes, and a leader’s guide.
  • An individual access code to stream all five video sessions online (you don’t need to buy a DVD!).

Journey with Lee Strobel in this exploration of heaven, and be drawn into a deeper understanding of the rationality and final hope of Christian beliefs.

  • Free meal at 5 pm.
  • Session starts at 6 pm.

Connect For Kids

During our Wednesday night Connect Group we will also have Connect 4 Kids! This children’s ministry will happen at the same time Connect Group and CR meet on Wednesdays at 6 pm. There will be a free meal at 5 pm. Connect For Kids will be led by Pastor Mike and his wife Pam Fogerson (click here to meet them). Kids will be met with games, snacks, crafts, and lessons from the Bible. We hope you bring your family to church. Connect For Kids is for kids ages 3 years old to 5th grade.

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The dates of the sessions are below.

February 28th – Session 1

March 6th – Session 2

March 13th – Session 3

March 20th – Session 4

March 27th – Session 5

April 3rd – Session 6