What’s next for Connect Groups?

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Tell Someone

This course helps group members identify people and places already in their daily routines, encouraging and empowering them to share the good news of Jesus Christ.

The Power of God’s Names

Witness the majesty and glory of God’s names. The Power of God’s Name study examines eleven names of God, examining the context of names and the character of God within the Old Testament biblical culture. Dr. Tony Evans says that it is in knowing God’s character and His capacity that we will rest in His covenant care.

A Place Called Heaven

This study will give believers a clearer picture of the divine place Jesus has prepared for us and will encourage us to make heaven a greater priority in our hearts and minds so that we are better prepared for it.

Feats of the Bible

Enrich your worship of God by learning about the origin and symbolism of the Old Testament feasts and holidays given by God to his people with this course. You will learn how the feasts are still relevant for our lives today, how God’s redemptive plan is unveiled through the feasts, how Messiah Jesus is the fulfillment of the feasts and other exciting revelations. The sessions: (1) God’s Redemptive Plan, Sabbath (2) Passover, Unleavened Bread, Firstfruits, (3) Pentecost, (4) Feast of Trumpets, (5) Day of Atonement, (6) Feast of Tabernacles.

The Daniel Prayer

Do you ever feel your prayers are anemic? Hollow? Then this Bible study is for you! Best selling author Anne Graham Lotz looks at the life of Daniel and unpacks the prayer he prayed in Daniel 9. Unlike the everyday now-I-lay-me-down-to-sleep kind of prayer, this was a prayer birthed under heartache…grief…desperation. It was a plea for Heaven to move and change his nation. In The Daniel Prayer, Anne Graham Lotz explores the desperate kind of prayer uttered by the prophet Daniel that storms the gates of heaven and brings results here on earth.