Paul writes in 2 Corinthians,

“The things which are not seen . . .” (2 Cor. 4.18, KJV.)

In our journey as Christians, it is typically a good thing to be looking forward.  The reason being because forward lies the crown, and onward is our goal.  The heaven we long for, the hope we have, the joy we seek, the Love we long for are all the grand objects of our eyes of faith.  Looking ahead we see that glorious day when sin and death are destroyed once and for all.  Peering beyond the veil of this world we see our soul made perfect and our inheritance is just in sight.

SignIf we squint just right we see a river ahead that we will soon cross over.  But just beyond that river is a celestial city that has been prepared by the nail scarred hands of a Jewish carpenter.  He has spared no expense.  The gates are made of pearl and the streets are solid gold.  Along the glorious roads we see the faces of those who have already gained what the eyes of their faith had seen so long ago.  But now it is our time to be hailed as more than a conqueror, crowned by the hand of Messiah, embraced in the arms of Jesus, glorified with Him, and made to sit together with Him on His throne, even as He has overcome and has sat down with the Father on His throne.

Looking ahead to the bright future that is assured for all Believers, relieves much the darkness of the past and the gloom of the present.  The joys of our heavenly home will surely make the pain of our present worth it all.  This world is but a narrow creek that we will soon pass through.

Death is but a shallow stream that I will most assuredly soon ford.  This life is short and eternity is so long.  Death, how brief — immortality, how endless.  The road of life is not traveled for long, and much of its distance is filled with travail.  However, I will encourage you my fellow traveler with good news, our exit is just ahead and home is closer than it ever has been.

Until The Whole World Hears,